Youth & Child Rights Specialist...

An anthropologist -  experienced in creative approaches to programme & strategy development, capacity building, research, advocacy & social policy.




S: sarah.huxley






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Program Manager & Developer


Strategy & Policy Analyser

Solid expereince of complex program managment: including developing partnerships; design; implementation; assessments and evaluations.

A strategic thinker and 'doer': knowledge of advocacy, child rights, and youth policy. Proficent at analysis and synthesis; always striving to communicate a range of resources so that they are useful and meaningful.

A firm believer of child/youth adult partnerships: trainer, facilitator and motivator with regard to all areas of operations, including fundraising/ proposal development, and working with young people in order to improve programs and policies designed for them.

Researcher & Capacity Builder

Sarah's skills include:


- scoping/mapping

- program design

- strategy development

- project management

- assessments and evaluations

- policy advocacy and analysis

- writing (reports, plans, briefs, toolkits, case studies)

- capacity building (training and facilitation)

- fundraising and partnership development

- participatory action research