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An anthropologist  -  experienced in innovation, programme & strategy development, research, advocacy & social policy.




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Don't Shoot the Clowns by Jo Wilding


Kick starting...

A social enterprise for young mothers


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Devex youth articles


Advocating for...Children of Calais

Publications/ thought pieces include:


Huxley, Sarah / ActionAid (2015) 'Putting Ideas to Work'. London: ActionAid International.


Huxley, Sarah / ActionAid (2015) 'Democracy Watchdogs'. London: ActionAid International.


Huxley, Sarah / UNDESA (2012). ‘The online United Nations World Youth Report – 2011’. New York: UNDESA.


Huxley, Sarah / DFID-CSO Youth Working Group (2010). ‘Youth Participation in Development – A Guide for Donor Agencies and Policy Makers’. London: DFID-CSO Youth Working Group.


Huxley, Sarah / UNICEF UNGEI (2008). 'Progress in Girls’ Education: The Challenge of Gender Equality in South Asia'. Kathmandu: UNICEF ROSA.





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