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An anthropologist  -  experienced in innovation, programme & strategy development, research, advocacy & social policy.




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I have been actively engaged in child/youth-focused development work since 1999, including direct experience in program management, capacity building and policy research across the globe (with a diverse range of organisations, including small NGOs, start-ups, international agencies and the UN).


I trained as an anthropolgist/geographer, and have qualifications in counselling, teahing yoga to children, story telling, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language.


Special areas of interest and expertise are participation, governance, youth policy/strategy, child rights, education, protection and post conflict transitions. From 2008-2010 I was the Project Manager and lead writer for the innovative Youth Guidance Project, which was initiated by the DFID- Civil Society Working Group on Youth (see: I also facilitated the first ever crowd-sourced World Youth Report in 2011.


I seek to listen, facilitate and support. If you think I would add to your work/ team, i'd love to hear from you!


A positive fanatic.

My approach always aims to be holistic and integrative. What I bring is a broad depth of experience and understanding of both:


- field level and HQ needs

- donor and NGO operations

- programs and policy analysis

- communications, learning and knowledge management

- research and practice